Aren't vs Isn't

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- I got this sentence in an English book."

"Three days isn't long enough for a good holiday."

- Why don't we use "aren't" instead of "isn't"?

Thanks so much!

  • JamesM

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    It is usually understood that "three days" here is representing a length of time or a period. "(A period of) three days isn't long enough for a good holiday." If you change it to are you would be talking about the length of each individual day. I suppose it's simply an idiomatic quirk of English.

    (Slow to type today... I saw SoundShift's post after finally posting mine. :) Well, you have confirmation, at least.)


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    The speaker is referring to three days' worth of time as one unit.

    Think about it like this:

    "Three days isn't [a] long enough [period of time] for a good holiday."
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