"Aren't you smart"--sarcastic?

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    I also read that ''you are dazzling, fascinating , brilliant'' are also sarcastic
    I think it all depends on the situation and the tone of the speaker


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    Is saying "Aren't you smart?" really sarcastic? One book I'm reading says it is, and should be "You are smart, aren't you."
    It seems to me that you're actually asking a question, either way (Are you not smart?") and that question implies that there is a question about the person's intelligence. If it's a sincere comment, you would simply say "You are smart" or "You are very smart" or some sort of affirmative comment as opposed to a questioning phrase. I know we can get into all manner of discussion about the phrase "aren't you?" but in this context, it sounds sarcastic to my ears.


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    Thanks for the compliment, Mr DotCom!
    You are SO sweet!
    I like you especially your reaction to my sense of humor, which have been(fortunately?) lost on you.
    You are like an angel to me!

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    You misunderstand cheshire.
    It is my habit when I encounter sarcasm to ignore the sarcasm and treat the sarcasm as though it was genuine and I have found that this does nothing but confuse the sarcastic.
    I can not understand what I have said in this post to cause you to bandy words with me.
    I still stand by my first post on this matter.
    I can see no difference between;
    Aren't you smart.
    You are smart, aren't you.

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