arid and bald peace

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  1. Japutra Senior Member

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    Is there any meaning in it? Maybe there is some allusion to something?

    I could perhaps understand it if it were "arid peace" alone.

    Coralio is in tropics, it's hot there. But what bald can mean here?

  2. bibliolept

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    "Bald" could refer to a denuded landscape, empty of vegetation, lifeless.
  3. Japutra Senior Member

    Russian - Ukraine
    There is quite much vegetation in that town. It is mentioned many times.
  4. teksch Senior Member

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    The sense I get from reading the context is that an “arid and bald peace” means a peace that, while there is no ongoing strife, has not matured into a full peace. Arid indicates a dryness – a thing or place where nothing can grow (peace in this case). Bald is analogous to arid in the sense that nothing is growing. Anchuria is also called a volatile republic with imminent chances of a revolution. In the opening chapter there is much discussion of the political unrest in the country. From all of this, I assume that the author’s use of an “arid and bald peace” pointed to this political instability.
  5. cuchuflete

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    Both words are used figuratively. Arid- lacking what is needed to support life. Bald- naked, lacking healthy signs of anything alive and growing. The peace is superficial. It's more towards armed neutrality than peaceful and friendly relations among former adversaries.
  6. bibliolept

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    That would make sense. There is superficial peace, but this does not necessarily mean that there is any degree of amity. Like marriage.

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