ariv pa a mendormir car jne te croi pa ce brui 2 mer e ven ce clair dou vien lapel

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    Hi guys this is the text if any one could help me translate I would be very grateful!!!

    Jariv pa a mendormir car jne te croi pa ce brui 2 mer e ven ce clair dou vien lapel +le fe 2 T grace mat. q tu ne fe generaleman jame si t seul.alor tu va aret 2 mentir mintenan.

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    Je n'arrive pas à m'endormir car je ne te crois pas. Ce bruit de mer et vent, c'est clair d'où vient l'appel. Plus *les faits* de tes grasses matinées que tu ne fais pas generalement, jamais si t'es seul. Alors tu vas arrêter de mentir maintenant.

    C'est un sms, n'est pas?

    "I can't manage to sleep because I don't believe you. The noise of the sea and the wind, it's obvious where the call is coming from. Plus, the fact that you're sleeping in, which is something you don't generally do, never if you're alone. So stop lying now."

    I'm not a native speaker, so texto language is difficult, but I have had some practice in interpreting this crazy stuff.
    (I'm not completely sure about the part I interpreted as "les faits" - but in any case, I think that's the general message.)
  3. tilt

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    Not les faits, but le fait. The fact.

    These sentences are bad French, written with an even worse SMS spelling.

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