1. rich7 Senior Member

    Venezuela español
    Is there any distinction in English between, say, a knife and hangun as weapons?
    I mean, in spanish arms like a pocket knife, a machete are called "armas blancas"
  2. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Guns are usually referred to as ''firing weapons'' and knives are sharp/cutting objects.
  3. argosdex Senior Member

    Louisiana, US
    US, English/Spanish
    In the US legally a weapon "from which a projectile is fired by gunpowder" is considered a firearm. A handgun is "any firearm that can be held and fired with one hand" as a revolver or a pistol. Sure, you can fire an Uzzi with one hand but that's not the way it is intended to be used.

    A weapon can be anything really, a chair becomes a weapon if used to hit someone over the head.

    Knives, swords, machetes, etc., are generally described as weapons, sometimes "deadly weapon", but also deadly weapon applies to any object that can be used for the purposes of bodily harming or maiming another individual.
  4. rich7 Senior Member

    Venezuela español
    So, I take it, there is no difference, both are deemed weapons.

  5. transparente Senior Member

    at home
    arma blanca: blade, weapon with a sharp blade.

    (according to my reliable Larousse)
  6. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    I stand corrected. I recall now, firearm and deadly weapon according to what argosdex said.
  7. rich7 Senior Member

    Venezuela español
    So what you mean is: a knife is deadly weapon while a pistol is a firearm?
  8. UUBiker Senior Member

    Arlington, Virignia
    United States, English
    English doesn't have a good word for this. A firearm doesn't require "gunpowder" to be a firearm last I checked, but it does require a projectile, expelled by the force of gas burned as a propellent. Once you take out firearms from weapons, you have ... "weapons which are not firearms" left. A lexical gap, to be sure. a "deadly weapon" for my money is a broader category, and would include what in Spanish are called armas blancas as well as what are called firearms in English.
  9. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Yes rich.
  10. UUBiker Senior Member

    Arlington, Virignia
    United States, English
    but a pistol is a deadly weapon too.

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