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  1. museit Member

    Mexico, Spanish
    Hi everybody!
    Can anyone tell me the difference between an armchair and an easy chair? Of course, if there is any?
  2. kayokid

    kayokid Senior Member

    English, USA
    My dictionary says that they are the one and the same. I have heard some people refer to an easy chair specifically as one that reclines, (a recliner).
  3. nangueyra Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Puse easy chair en Google y pedí imágenes. Aparecieron todo tipo de sillas, hasta las de plástico que no son tan resistentes y a veces uno termina en el suelo.

  4. WyomingSue

    WyomingSue Senior Member

    Cheyenne, WY
  5. syntr

    syntr Senior Member

    English - US
    An armchair can be any kind of chair, as long as it has arm rests.

    An easy chair or a lazy boy generally is cushioned and reclines.

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