arme d'ordonnance

Hello everyone,
I'm doing a translation on gun control in Switzerland and am looking for a translation of "arme d'ordonnance". In a debate, two people are talking abou the types of weapons most commonly used in domestic disputes that become deadly, and the woman says that 56% of gun deaths are related to "armes d'ordonnance". I could, of course, take the easy way out and just use gun/firearm/revolver... But I'm a little bit curious. Is it an army-issued revolver? Why "ordonnance"? It must have some meaning, but strangely enough, I've been unable to find it!

Thanks for your help!
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    Les militaires suisses gardent normalement une arme chez eux, fournie par l'armée (leur arme de service). "Arme d'ordonnance" s'emploie par opposition aux autres armes éventuellement détenues.
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