Armenian: Եղեռնի ճանաչում

  • Elliot Clark

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    Why I am asking this question is that I found a blog and I am trying to figure out which language is that to find a relevant person for me to translate.


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    It is definitely Armenian - here the Armenian alphabet; transliterated "jeʁerni dsanačowm" where "ow" actually stands for one vowel if I remember correctly (I thought "u" but Wiki suggests "y" = like in German Umlaut "ü"; my Armenian skills are more than rusty - hardly existant at all to tell the truth).

    Sorry, but I can't help with a translation.


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    I'm Armenian, and so is that. It means "recognition of the calamity", probably referring to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

    Let me know how I can help.
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