Armenian: -ացի suffix (անգլիացի, ֆրանսիացի)


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The suffix -ացի (-atsi) often appears in nouns referring to someone from a particular country/nation: անգլիացի (angliatsi) "English person, Englishman", ֆրանսիացի (fransiatsi) "French person, Frenchman", and so on.

I would like to confirm whether words like անգլիացի and ֆրանսիացի are only nouns ("Englishman", "Frenchman", etc.), or whether they can also sometimes function as adjectives.

For example, would it ever make sense to say անգլիացի փաստաբան ("an English lawyer"), or would you instead use the adjective անգլիական (angliakan)?

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    Yes, it functions both as noun and adjective. Moreover, անգլիացի փաստաբան is the only natural form when referring to people, I would say. You might occasionally hear անգլիական փաստաբան but it's a bit hard to imagine in what contexts, maybe more political. On the other hand, you could and should say անգլիական փաստաբանական ընկերություն, for example, and NOT in any way անգլիացի փաստաբանական ընկերություն << this would be absolutely incorrect, no matter the context.

    p.s. I know this is an old topic but it's also a general question and I thought was worth answering. :)
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