Armenian: զիզիկ


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I can’t seem to find a clear meaning of the word զիզիկ anywhere (no, not ծիծիկ). Nayiri has an entry for զիզի in Armenian, but not in English, offering words that translate as “colorful” and “insect,” but the connection between a word and it’s perceived diminutive is not always certain. From context I gathered that it might be a small, eye-catching object, a bauble of some kind, but I just don’t know for sure.

Anyone know what զիզիկ really means?
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    Unfortunately I don’t have a specific paragraph. I have just heard the word in the past and I was trying to get a better sense than what I had found searching online with limited Armenian vocabulary.


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    Okay, in that case the word usually means a small and cheap piece of jewelry or a small/funny/noisy toy for toddlers. It may also have really any meaning assigned to it in a speech, usually denoting a small unusual object you can't pinpoint exactly how to name it. I have heard it also as a reference to the penis, like you would use it when talking to a kid, but probably that wouldn't be considered as very sophisticated parenting. :D

    Hope this helps. :)
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