Armenian: կարեվորա


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I heard people in Yerevan saying ա instead of է (is). My community's variety doesn't show this feature, but it seems to be important in Yerevan. My question is - is it restricted to is after an adjective (կարեվորա, ահավորա, etc.), or can you use it in forms such as սիրում է, ասել է?
And is it colloquial?

Thank you :)
  • Ruzanna

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    Yes, you can use it wherever it appears. And yes, it is colloquial. In a literary style and officially it should be "e" and not "a", but in everyday speech noone pays attention to it and what's more, if you talk to people with " e" it may even sound strange. Thus, it's kind of formal.
    I'm telling you from my experience and my knowledge.