Armenian: քանիսն

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I know that Ժամը քանիսն է = What time is it?
But please can someone explain this mysterious ending -isn -իսն in the word քանիսն? I have searched all the grammar sources I have and can find nothing.
Is it maybe 2 suffixes, -is -իս plus definite article?
Best wishes and many thanks
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    I don't know the answer to your question. But I have never heard ''Ժամը քանիսն է'', I personally say ''Ժամը քանի՞ է:''
    The word ''քանիս'' exists, so maybe ''քանիսն'' is ''քանիսը'' before a vowel


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    I guess, ժամը քանիսն է is standard Eastern Armenian. Քանիս is basically a noun or a participle that means the same as an interrogatory pronoun քանի? So as a noun it can take on an article, in this case.
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