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What does the phrase Dle Yaman mean? In translations, this phrase is always translated as Alas, but once I read a comment which said that his translation is mistaken and means 'valiant of the heart' literally 'of the heart valiant.'

If Alas, what would this word in return mean?

I have the song translated here:

Dle Yaman, Mer tun, Dzer tun dimac, dimac
(Alas, Alas, Our homes face each other,)
Dle Yaman, Heriq anes achqov imac
(Oh, Alas, Isn't it enough, That my eyes send you a sign?)
Yaman Yaman Yar
(Alas, Alas, O My love!)
Dle Yaman, Heriq anes achoqov imac
(Oh, Alas, Isn't it enough, that my eyes send you a sign?)

Any thoughts what is the best translation and meaning?
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    I haven't found a translation for 'Dle Yaman' yet. This song was originally an Armenian lonve song, but became the most common lament of the Armenian genocide perpetrated by the Turkish in the early 20th century.


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    They say it means nothing, it is a powerful expression of sorrow. Perhaps you can google the literal meaning. The orthography is "Դլե յաման".


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    Dle Yaman is kurdish meaning "valiant of the heart". "Dıl" meaning is heart and "yaman" meaning is valiant. You should write as Dılê yaman. (ê for "of")
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