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I have just found out that there are two primary dialects of Armenian: Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian. Unfortunately, my search for more information on the Internet was not too successful: I only managed to find out that Eastern Armenian is spoken in modern-day Armenia and western Armenian by Armenians in Anatolia.

I have several questions?

-Are those divisions exclusive? I.e., is Western Armenian not spoken at all in Armenia, and Eastern Armenian not at all outside the country?
-Are the two dialects mutually intelligible?
-What features of the two languages constitute the primary differences between them?
-Which dialect(s) is/are spoken by Armenians not living in either Armenia or Anatolia?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    Hi ElRoi
    What you said about east and west are the generally accepted.
    Turkey including Istambul is western and much of Western Europe North and South America.Armenia, Azerbijain, Georgia, Russia are mostly Eastern
    Bulgaria, Iran, Israel /Palestine ,Iraq,Lebanon and Syria have many of both. possibly more Western than Eastern. Charles Aznavour(ian) and Silvie Vartan French singers are from families who came from Georgia. Michael Vartan, Silvie's nephew is an American actor most recently in the tv show Alias. Are the mutually intelligible? Depends on who you ask. Where I live there are many Armenians from all corners of the globe and they have Armenian schools and churches.Many attend a church with eastern or western depending on their dialect. The older people say they can understand each other with varying degrees of difficulty and some are completely fluent in both. Younger people often say it is more difficult especially if they grew up only exposed to one dialect.One can find more western Aremenians in Armenia than Eastern in Turkey. Currently many Armenias of both groups are all over the world.
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