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In Armenian (or at least Western Armenian), words referring to the location of something often have no case ending:

Հայաստան կը բնակիմ - "I live in Armenia."

The meaning "in" is understood through the sentence context here -- there is no postposition, or case marking on the word Հայաստան, that would correspond to the meaning "in".

By contrast, in a sentence like the following, there is a postposition serving as the locative marker:

Տանը մէջն եմ - "I am in(side) the house."

In what contexts do you normally use an "endingless locative" as in the first sentence, and in what context would you use a postposition like մէջ to indicate location?

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    Just like you said, when talking about geographical entities like countries and cities you don't use any postposition. This is different from your second example where you emphasize that you're inside the house. If you were to say "I'm inside Armenia (as in I've crossed the border and trying to emphasize on that", you'd say Հայաստանի մէջն եմ