Armenian: Im eghbayre menak che, tasnmeke mets uzh e


Hi! Please, i need the the best translation or interpretation in English and/or Spanish (preferably) of this part of the song "Barcelona" (Armenian entry of the JESC 2009). Here are the lyrics:

Im eghbayre menak che, tasnmeke mets uzh e
Ev anunn el ir timi “Yerevan” e
“Yerevan”-e erb haghti, ir erazin na khasni
Mets gavate khandzni “Barcelona”-n

This part I've founded in 4lyrics page, but the text is transliterated to latin script.

Thanks a lot!!
  • sergio11

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    Spanish (lunfardo)

    It sounds as if they were talking about a soccer cup, which Barcelona had, and supposedly Yerevan was hoping to take from them.

    The words say the following:

    My brother is not alone, eleven is a great force, (eleven referring to the soccer team, obviously)
    And the name of his team is "Yerevan,"
    Is "Yerevan" when it wins and reaches its dream,
    and "Barcelona" hands them over the great cup.

    Mi hermano no está solo, once es una gran fuerza, (probablemente refiriéndose al equipo de fútbol)
    y el nombre de su equipo es "Yerevan,"
    y es "Yerevan" cuando gane y alcance su sueño, (anhelo, ambición)
    y el "Barcelona" le entregue la gran copa.

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