Armenian: let's sit crooked and talk straight

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Hello all!

I'm not an Armenian speaker at all, but I heard an absolutely awesome Armenian proverb which means something like 'let's sit crooked and talk straight', and I wanted to try and find out how it was said in Armenian. I could only find it in the Latin alphabet, and I was wondering if I could recreate it in the Armenian script... and this is what I came up with:

Ծուռ նստինք, շիտակ խոսինք

Is this correct?

Any help you could offer would be really helpful, thank you so much.
  • AniwaR

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    What you have come up with is pretty accurate, in Western Armenian it would be spelled like that except, I think, with 'օ' in 'խօսինք'.

    I am an Eastern Armenian speaker and I would say/spell "Ծուռ նստենք, շիտակ խոսենք". There is also another popular version which goes like: "Ծուռ նստենք, դուզ խոսենք". 'շիտակ' and 'դուզ' are synonyms, although the latter is even less acceptable in the formal language than the former.
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