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    I've learned at least two Armenian words for "picture"/"image": նկար (ngar/nkar) and պատկեր (badger/patker). Is there a semantic difference between the two?

    Also, does anyone know if պատկեր has the same origin as English picture (< Latin pictura "painting")?

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    Finally found a reference to consult for this question, and it appears that պատկեր (patker) is based on Old Persian patikara- "picture", which itself may come from kar- "make" plus a prefix pati-. So, there's probably no connection with Latin pictura, etc.

    Still curious, though, about the semantic differences between պատկեր and նկար in modern-day Armenian.
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    This is correct. The Armenian word is borrowed from Parthian patkar; it survives in Persian as paykar.

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