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On another thread, it was mentioned that English adjectives are not normally used as nouns. E.g., you don't normally hear people say

"You see those two men sitting on the bench? The short used to be my boss." [As opposed to,"The short one used to be my boss"]

Is this the case with Armenian as well? For example, could you say կարճը ("the short") in the above context, without a following noun, or would you have to say something like կարճ մարդը ("the short man")?

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    Yes, you can use adjectives as nouns, but «կարճ մարդը» sounds weird (though you would certainly be understood); for people with short height we say «կարճահասակ»: Thus it would be «կարճահասակ մարդը» or «կարճահասակը»:
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