Armenian: Thanks for the invitation! I wish I could come.

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I am invited to a wedding afterparty by an Armenian friend living in Yerevan. I'd like to reply to his invitation in Armenian, but since the only word I know here is shnorhagallem, I need your help to say the full sentence. I'd like the sentence to be in Latin letters please.

"Thanks for the invitation! I wish I could come."

Thank you,
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    Shnorhagal em h'raviri hamar. Apsos vor chem karogh gal.

    hraviri >> h-ra-vi-ri

    The second bit means "It's a shame I can't come". It's the more natural sounding equivilant to "I wish I could come"


    Shnorhagal em h'raviri hamar. Yerani karoghanai gal.

    This means "Thanks for the invitation, I wish I could come". It doesn't sound bad either to be honest, just take your pick.
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