armonizzazione di canti a 4 voci dispari

Can you suggest a translation for this sentence?
"armonizzazione di canti a quattro voci dispari".
I'll explain what "armonizzazione" means....
I'm talking about a choir. Someone has to create other three melodies (for tenor, contralto and bass) to put togeter with the main one (the soprano's one), which is already available and can't be changed.
So "armonizzazione" is different from "composition", since the song already exists (it just needs to be adapted for a choir).
"Armonizzazione" is not "arrangement" because it's not about changing genre/style/instruments/chords: it's about creating new melodies.
I can't find any translation for "armonizzazione" on the dictionary.
Besides, in the sentence there is "dispari" (odd) even if there is "quattro" (four). This is because "dipari" in that case means "both men (tenors, basses) and women (contraltos, sopranos)".
Have you got any translation for my sentence?

thanks in advance!
  • TimLA

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    Perhaps something like:
    ...harmonizing songs for four parts...
    ...creating four part harmony...
    ...creating four part harmony for songs...

    But a complete sentence might help us do better.


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    Yes, please give us a complete sentence and some context. What period of music are we talking about? If the "canto" here is an ancient religious melody, I would translate it as "chant". But I need more information to be sure. Here is a try for now:

    Four-part harmonization of chants for mixed voices.

    "Mixed voices" means both men and women.
    Thanks TimLa and Tonza!!
    That sentence is part of a CV, so it's something like "Experience with four-part harmonization of...." ("Esperienze nell'armonizzazione di canti a quattro voci dispari") and it's not linked with something else (it is in the "hobbies" section of the CV).
    It's a traditional folk choir, so the songs we are talking about are not religious songs, but traditional italian songs, in dialect.

    thanks a lot for your help!