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"I started wearing secondhand clothing; I favored army fatigues and flannel shirts."

What kind of clothing "army fatigues" are? Are they simply worn-out army clothes? I checked the dictionary and "fatigue" is used for materials (apart from its obvious meanings) but usually for metals, so I couldnt be sure.

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    Fatigues are the military clothes that are worn when working or in combat, as opposed to dress uniforms that are used for ceremonial occasions. If you look on Google images there are many examples of soldiers wearing fatigues.


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    Fatigues are the basic battledress uniform, that is, not smart or parade-ground ("dress") uniforms of various grades.

    The word originates from the term "fatigue duty", duty which is not strictly miltary such as digging fieldworks, cleaning or repairing things, fairly heavy work which would ruin a good uniform. Troops were issued with fatigue uniforms for such work, and the term came to mean also the basic battledress. The first fatigue uniforms, which were also worn in combat, were introduced by the Federal Army in 1861.
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    Army fatigues are simply general-use uniforms. I'm not exactly sure of when they're worn in the military, having never served, but the usage has bled into common parlance. It is generally taken to mean any sort of sturdy camouflage pants/shirts/jackets.
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