Army <leaves/ has left> to help [present simple or present perfect]


Sentence: "Army leaves to help earthquake victims."

Is the sentence correct? I think that the sentence shows the routine daily activity of army. The action has happened, army has left. The correct sentence should be "Army has left to help earthquake victims."
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    It is 'correct' in the sense that the present tense is often used in newspaper headlines to make something seem more dramatic and immediate.


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    Like the others, I assume that this is a headline, not a sentence. Headlines need not follow the grammar rules applying to sentences. I assume that you found it above an article that is written in sentences.


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    Where did you see this, dangareyes?

    We ask you to name the source of every quotation. This information often helps people answer your question.

    As you can see, if this is a headline, people will give one answer. If it is not, they will give another answer.
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