Around 1970 I started to study English

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  1. lakeguy Member

    Hola Todos,

    Can someone tell a good way to say "around" or "about" as in "Around 1970 I started to study English.

    Is it: Aproximadamente en 1970 comencé a estudiar el inglies.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. bilingualt Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    One way of putting it could be: Yo empece a estudiar ingles (aproximadamente) en los setentas.
    The words empece and ingles should have accent marks on the e's
  3. romarsan

    romarsan Senior Member

    Por aquí la más común es "en los 70"

  4. pecosita Senior Member

    Español de México
    ..alrededor de.
  5. PACOALADROQUE Senior Member

    El Puerto de Santa María (CÁDIZ-ESPAÑA)
    En los años 70 si el hecho ocurrió entre 1970-1979

    Alrededor de 1970 puede ser, por ejemplo, entre 1965 y 1975 o entre 1969-1971. Cualquier periodo podría servir en este caso.

    Un saludo
  6. SydLexia Senior Member

    London, EU
    UK English
    "Sería en 1970, más o menos, que empecé a estudiar..." ??

  7. PACOALADROQUE Senior Member

    El Puerto de Santa María (CÁDIZ-ESPAÑA)
    Sí, pero pondría cuando en vez de que.

    Sería en 1970, más o menos, cuando empecé a estudiar.....
  8. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    First, "around 1970" does not mean "in the Seventies." The former means approximately 1969-1971, while the latter means 1970-1979. Second, I don't think we use the plural on the number in Spanish, so "the Seventies" is "los setenta."
  9. bilingualt Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    I get your point regarding the words aproximadamente and en, but doesn't around give us the same idea? (not being very exact about the date). Now, as to en los setentas, here I do disagree with you. The moment we are saying en los (plural article) the noun should also be plural, as what we are referring to are the years, not the year. Well that's my point of view, but if there is an exception about this that I don't know of, I'can then say that I just learned something new, which is great. I mean, learning.
  10. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    The standard Spanish rule is to use the singular when referring to decades: Los (años) setenta. If people are using the plural, it may be due to influence from English, although I'm not sure about that. But if you google the phrase in singular and plural, you will see that the singular is far more prevalent.

    As to the other part, "the Seventies" refers to the whole decade, lasting exactly ten years, whereas "around 1970" means "in 1970, although I can't be positive about the exact year." Very different concepts.
  11. bilingualt Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Thanks Gengo for taking the time to improve my Spanish and English too.
    It's a fact that one never stops learning, I'm 65 and I think I need another 65 to catch up with the world.
  12. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    Great attitude! Our lives are over when we stop learning. My mom was in her sixties when she took up Greek and Japanese, and now at 91 her mind is as sharp as ever. I'm sure we all learn a lot on this forum. I sure do.

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