arpilla - funeral device

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    I have a device for a funeral. In the list, it is written also arpilla-80€? Did somebody knows what is arpilla? Thank you for your help!
  2. murciana

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    I know the word arpillera, which is a type of fabric used to protect things. They might be using it as a synonym for mortaja (the garment used to cover a corpse); just my guess, does that make sense within your context?

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    thank you. I Don't know if it is right...they only wrote it in the device with a price from 80€. Perhaps it is what you mean. Thank you anyway for your answer.


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  5. Isaberlin Member

    Thank you! It should be a cover for the corpse as said murciana.
  6. cirrus

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    Is it a body bag? It's odd isn't it. Most of the references to arpillas on the net are for string bags for fruit.
  7. murciana

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    It doesn’t have to be that necessarily. I don’t use the word arpilla but arpillera instead (although I guess they’re the same).
    I agree with you, the word is more related to kind of net for fruit and vegetables. However, there are clothes made of arpillera. That’s why I thought it could be sort of a body bag where the dead person is wrapped in (like a sheet). But of course I can be mistaken ;).


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