arquitectura (ingenieria electronica, FPAs, GPUs)

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  1. catalina614 New Member

    English (U.S.)
    "Las FPAs y las GPUs probablemente son las arquitecturas más usadas para resolver problemas en la industria petrolera. "

    Which translates to: "FPAs and GPUs are probably the most used architectures to solve problems in the oil industry."

    The word architectures in this English translation doesn't sound very natural to me, is it correct? Is there a better word? I was thinking structures or systems might be better choices in English.
  2. Keahi Senior Member

    castellano, Perú
    "Architecture" in Electronic engineering is perfect.
    My try: "Architectures FPA (FPU) and GPU probably are the most..."
  3. catalina614 New Member

    English (U.S.)
    Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

    (Note: I should have written FPGA, FPA is incorrect, my mistake.)

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