'Arra, hold yer whist

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    Here's the OED on the subject, okshen:
    Silence: in phr. to hold one's whist, to keep silence. Irish.
    "Hold one's whisht" is the Scottish alternative.

    Both are related to the use of "whis(h)t" as an interjection meaning "hush" or "shhh".


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    Yes... It means shut your mouth... Hoosh- hush :)

    Arra must be a persons name... so in saying that it is : Arra hold your mouth/ shut up.
    In Scotland we used to say ''Hoosh yer whishty'' which was litteraly ..shut up! lol
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    Hello madshazz - welcome to the forums.

    It's good to have confirmation from an actual user of the expression!

    As to the "arra", incidentally, and Scalloper's comment that it's a version of "yerra", the links given in post 4 explain that "yerra" is
    A response to imply that the question was hardly worth asking.

    "You must have got a land when the oul doll dumped ya?" "Yerra, she only just beat me to it, I was sick of her."
    Of Irish origin, coming from the Kerry/Cork region, predominantly used in order to signify one's complete lack of interest in any given topic.
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