arrangement <of / for> / an alternate way <of / for>


The preposition "of" and "for" always confuse me.

"of" shows possession, I also use it to indicate properties or "a part of something"
"for" is relating to "purpose" and in some senses, "belonging". But sometimes they are confusing when I use it.

For these two sentences:

"The maintenance arrangement for/of the cooling system is under reviewed."
"(Other than email,) An alternative way for/of receiving information with SMS should be provided for users."

I would choose "for" for 1 and "of" for 2 but I can't reach a concrete conclusion.
But it sounds strange for using both in 2.

I would like to check if my understanding is correct.
  • natkretep

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    Yes, it's a difficult to know always when to use for and when of. In general, I would say that of is more common, and the relationship between the two items joined by of is a little less clear. In some cases, both will work well. For example, I am a committee member in the Singapore Association for XXX (where XXX is some academic discipline - let's say Applied Physics). When we get cheques, people often write Singapore Association of XXX. In this instance, both for and of would work.
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