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Hello, everybody!
I'm making subtitles in Spanish for Star Trek Enterprise and I can't seem to come up with a cool :cool: translation for the word array in many combinations, like sensor array, weapon array, phaser array, etc. Any suggestions?
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    Hello! Here are a few suggestions I came up with, but since I'm not a native Spanish speaker I don't know how cool they'll sound in the context of Star Trek:
    arregla, matriz, conjunto, grupo

    ¡Espero que te ayude!


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    "Spanish - Spain"
    En "Star Trek" son habituales las siguientes traducciones:

    - shields array: matriz de escudos
    - sensors array: batería/matriz de sensores
    - phaser array: batería de fásers

    Depende del contexto, del doblaje y/o del subtitulador.
    En general suelen usar MATRIZ/BATERÍA para el término ARRAY.
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