arrendante: persona que alquila el inmueble

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    Cómo puedo traducir : " arrendante o persona que renta el inmueble" Porque creo que el arrendatario se traduce como "leaseholder "

    Por favor aclárenme esto. También deseo saber cómo digo " abogado autenticante"


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    Arrendador es "lessor", aunque puedes utilizar en inmuebles "landlord"
    Arrendatario es "lessee" o más frecuentemente "renter", también tennant, sobre todo en caso de tierras.
    El contrato de arrendamiento se traduce por rental agreement o rental contract. También location contract
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    tenant with one n, and used just as frequently for buildings as land. A location contract sounds French to me: location, locataire are French words, not English. El contrato de arrendamiento might often be called a rental agreement, but is more frequently called a lease. Usually the terms landlord-tenant and lessor-lessee are paired in this way, using one set or the other. abogado autenticante would be "certifying attorney." A leaseholder is another name for lessee, but usually used to refer to somebody who is transferring a lease, subleasing, or selling his rights to a new tenant, if the lease is transferable.
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    Arrendante is lessor.

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