1. peachschnappes Member

    english, uk
    Hi I am trying to translate the following :

    "l'accord concernant les arretes royaux relatifs au remboursement des produits.."

    and having difficulty unserstanding the "arretes royaux"

    does this mean the royalites? as in the royalties relative to the reimbursement of the products???
  2. BloodyAngel Member

    Lille (France)
    France - French
    Is it a text from belgium ? Or any country with a king/queen ?
    Because I have never heard that before.
  3. Language Geek

    Language Geek Senior Member

    English (UK)
    Simply "Royal Decree"
  4. Bella1 Senior Member

    UK Bilingual French/English
    Often appears in Belgian legal/commercial contract documents - refers to Laws/Acts/Decrees.
  5. peachschnappes Member

    english, uk
    yes - its from the belgium parliament. thanks for the help!

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