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  1. DeeDee Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Spanish Argentina
    Is arrive to possible in any context? Can I say "She arrived to school at 9 am"?
    Do you say "arrive at the beach or to the beach?"

  2. Cabanyas

    Cabanyas Senior Member

    Albacete (Spain)
    Spanish - Espagnol
    It is not right in that context. You can only say "arrive to" if you mean "arrive in order to":

    He arrive at class (in order) to do the exam.

    With arrive you can only use "at" (small places or buildings) and "in" (big places like cities or countries)
  3. Fernita

    Fernita Senior Member

    Buenos Aires-Argentina
    castellano de Argentina.
    arrive at small places
    arrive in cities and countries.

    I think there´s a thread on this subject and it may help you very much.
  4. petuniak Member

    mexican spanish
    cual es las diferencia de arrive at y arrive to??
  5. bilingualt Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    I understand that in English we should never use arrive to; it should be arrive in or at. In if you're arriving in a city, state, country or continent and at if it's anywhere else. Well that's the way I learned it looooong time ago. Exception: We arrived to the conclusion that....
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  6. elianecanspeak

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    by Lake Michigan
    English - EEUU
    Con tu permiso, una pequeña corrección : We arrived at the conclusion that . . .

    Pero : We came to the conclusion that . .
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  7. bilingualt Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    I absoltely agree. I noticed my mistake but didn't have time to edit it. I was going to do it in the morning, but you beat me to it. Thank you very much for doing so, I wouldn't like to mislead anybody with my mistakes.
    Thanks again.

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