arrive in mid-january/at the end of january (delivery)


Hi all, sorry for the confusing title... let me explain. I have one sentence with two different, yet closely-related grammatical questions. I appologize in advance if the Admins think I should have made this two separate posts:

I am writing to someone to let them know that some lamps will arrive on site in mid-January, whereas others will be delivered at the end of January. (I chose not to use "livrer" to avoid any ambiguity about the sending date versus the arrival date.) Here's my attempt, and below are my specific questions/concerns. "Une lampe 'Hidcote' arrivera à mi-janvier, et les deux lampes 'Sherborne' arriveront à la fin de janvier."

Now for my questions: I read in the WR dictionary examples that "in mid-(month)" is "à la mi-(mois)"... but I am wondering if this is meant to apply to a different context such as, for example, "I was in Croatia in mid-May." Does this phrasing work for my context?

Regarding the end of the month, I also read in the samples on WR dictionary that "at the end of (month)" is "fin (month)," but can I truly write "Cette lampe arrivera fin janvier"? or should I write "Cette lampe arrivera à la fin de janvier"?

Thanks for your help on this rather confusing post!
  • lilevine

    Merci! Et est-ce que je devrais écrire "Une lampe arrivera..."
    -à la mi-janvier
    -à mi-janvier
    -en mi-janvier

    Aline Si

    Senior Member
    Et je rajouterais :
    Je pense que deux formulations sont correctes.
    Cette lampe arrivera...
    -à la mi-janvier:tick:
    -à mi-janvier:cross:
    -en mi-janvier:cross:

    Et celle que j'utiliserais le plus naturellement est "mi-janvier".
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