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Hello everybody!
Could, please, someone tell me why in the next phrase we use the apostrophe?:
"Nothing visible happened, for the arrow´s weight was quite inadecuate to kill the beast".
It doesn´t seem correct to me!.
Thank you very much in advance!
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    The language is rather stilted, but there is nothing wrong with using "the arrow's weight" rather than "the weight of the arrow". It is a stylistic choice, and evidently the author wanted the more formal effect.
    Thank you so much!
    I thought there was a rule for that; that we coudn`t choose.
    Do you mean, then that you could say " coat´s colour" instead of "colour of the coat", or even: "age of the dog" instead of " dog´s age" . We can use freely depending on the style we choose?
    My regards!


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    It is the normal possessive form - the weight of the arrow. It means that the arrow did not have enough mass or velocity (or both) to wound or kill the beast.

    I do not see the language as being stilted, but the style is just a little old-fashioned.


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    Yes, we may do all that.

    Some people have been told that you shouldn't use the 's possessive with an inanimate object. However, this is not a grammatical rule.

    It is true that sometimes the 's does give an old-fashioned tone to what is said. (I would call it 'stilted' in some contexts.) At other times, it is the more natural choice for various reasons.
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