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    hola chic@s, me podeis echar un vistazo a este trozo de un articulo que he traducido al ingles para un periodico?Es la primera vez que lo hago y seguro que hay mas de un fallo, por eso me atrevo a pediros que me corrijais si hay alguno


    Living in Spain.

    Living in Spain increases the quality of life. It looks like a pretentious sentence but we all feel an unquestionable improvement here. Why might be the reason? Many people think that the reason is the sun and the weather in this country but there is no doubt that the life style have an influence on it. The famous “siesta”, good and healthy Mediterranean cuisine and, of course, housing. Houses are built with the first quality materials and affordable for our economy.

    For instance, Martimonte promociones s.l,, a construction company, has grown thanks to the quality of their houses and a social environment good chosen.
    After they built in several Mediterranean areas, from “Almeria” to “Comunidad Valenciana”, martimonte now is betting for the northwest’s inner of Murcia. On That way, the new project “Las Palomas” was born, three and four bedrooms houses located in Archivel, a stone’s throw of Caravaca de la cruz. The private housing estate Las Palomas, has been proposed as the best option for those who are looking for tranquillity, confort, and they want to improve their life style. Every house has air conditioning and heating to stand the hot summer and the cold winter which our soil is known. One more thing to consider is that Las Palomas has, at one’s disposal, individual swimming-pools to enjoy with the family and friends company. The private housing estate Las Palomas is the best corner to get lost between the nature. To enjoy in Spain and take advantage of their life style is an excellent choice.

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    English USA
    Sólo son unas ideas, Pixi.

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    thank you.
    you are a start!!
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    US inglés/español
    ¿Podrías ofrecernos el texto original en español? Varias de las frases podrían
    escribirse de manera que suenen más natural, la primera por ejemplo.
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    pues la verdad es que no lo tengo metido en el ordenador y no puedo pegarlo pero la primera frase seria:

    vivir en españa aumenta la calidad de vida.Parece un frase pretenciosa pero todos experimentamos una induble mejora aqui.

    pero lo que me interesa es que la traduccion tenga sentido al leerla en ingles, no tanto el que este traducida literalmente.


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