Artículos de Primera Necesidad

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  1. Nikita... New Member

    Hello Everyone..!!!
    How could I say "Artículos de Primera Necesidad" in just one English :)) ) Word, I think it exists but it has been hard to find it again. Thanks in advanced
  2. katey21 Senior Member

    United States, English
  3. Nikita... New Member

    Hi Katey 21, "necessities" is ok though it is not the one I heard... looking for synonymous now. Thanks.
  4. katey21 Senior Member

    United States, English
    hmmm... you could say "essentials"
  5. silvia fernanda

    silvia fernanda Senior Member

    Me parece que "necessities" esta bien.
  6. Valflow Senior Member

    Mar del Plata
    Argentina - Spanish
    how about commodities?
  7. lauritaec

    lauritaec Member

    North Carolina, US
    Argentina - Castellano
    How about "basic need items".
  8. Nikita... New Member

    Hey guys, thank you all for helping me out. I've got enough words to be used now. See you...
  9. cipotarebelde Senior Member

    El Salvador
    USA English
    basic necessities

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