Article with an appositive phrase

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Tone Volume

New Member
Dear native speakers!

Please help me understand whether I need an article and why.

"Companies I have worked with:
  • Wolfestone, translation agency (Swansea, UK)
  • [...]"
Do I have to place an article before "translation agency"? I feel that if it were in a sentence, I would need an article, but in a list like that (it's from my CV) I'd better omit it. Is this feeling right or wrong? Are there any rules for such situations?

Thanks in advance!
  • The Newt

    Senior Member
    English - US
    If "translation agency" is part of the agency's name, I would write it "Wolfestone Translation Agency." If not, I'd probably write it "Wolfestore (translation agency), Swansea..."
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