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Hello everyone.
"In addition to the school curriculum, students might be able to learn from the extra-curricular books."( here the speaker is talking about how they would learn in the past when the use of technology was not advanced)
Are the use of "the" in "the school curriculum" and "the extra-curricular books" necessary? In my opinion, they are not important because they are not definite.
Is my thread title fine as well? Or it would be "Article problem"(it is a very short question so to open a new thread might be waste of space)
Thanks in advance.
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    In my opinion, the first 'the' is necessary, the second is optional. Someone else will have to explain, though....


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    As RM1(SS) says, the first is necessary.

    The second the will depend upon whether the speaker means
    (i) 'extra-curricular books' in general (i.e. any 'extra-curricular books') in which case the must be omitted,

    whether the speaker means

    (ii) the 'extra-curricular books' that he/she has referred to earlier (i.e. specific books or books, or which we were talking about) in which case the is essential.


    Thanks for your explanation.
    But why is it necessary in the first one.
    Actually it is an essay about " Can new technologies help students". I found this essay from a book of So I think curriculums are not specific as the speaker is talking about the benefits of technology in education. Please help. :D


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    "Curriculum" is specific in the OP sentence because it refers specifically to the curriculum in use at a particular school.
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