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Is it possible to use an indefinite article with the word son?

The sentence is:
Two months ago my boss hired a new employee: a son of his friend.

  • Thelb4

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    UK English
    It is possible to use the indefinite article here, if the friend either has more than one son, or the amount of sons he has is unknown. However, I imagine many native speakers would quite happily use "the son" in this sentence, regardless of how many sons he had.


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    This has been discussed before, I definitely remember. This previous thread may be of some help

    I personally would say
    his friend's son

    I suppose it would be possible to also say:
    a son of a friend of his - he has many friends and this particular friend has many sons. But this does not sound elegant, does it? :(

    But even if you say the son of a friend of his, this would not mean the friend only has one son.

    Then there will be people who will be dead set against the "friend of his" construction, I suppose. :)

    Hope you do get your answer. :)
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