articular con el programa de magíster

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Articular refers, in this case, to the fact of being related to something so that both parts form a whole. More specifically, it refers to the fact of being an undergradute student who wishes to enroll in a postgraduate program during his/her last year (while still an undergraduate student), so that when s/he graduates, s/e will have obtained two degrees: an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree.

Original sentence: El programa de magíster está dirigido a estudiantes de pregrado que deseen articular con el programa de magíster que ofrece la universidad.
My attempt: The master's degree program is addressed to undergraduate students who wish to articulate their studies with the master's degree program offered by the university.

Does that sound fine to you, or is there a more natural wa to say this?

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    Unfortunately, “articulate” doesn’t work here.

    Perhaps: who wish to supplement their studies with...
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