articular orgánicamente al movimiento

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En una lista de objetivos aparece:

Articular orgánicamente al movimiento indígena.

Mi intento A: Organically articulate the indigenous movement ¿Es demasiado literal?
Otras opciones:
Intento B: Articulate the indigenous movement as a whole
Intento C: Organize and harmonize the indigenous movement
Intento D: Harmoniously articulate the indigenous movement
Intento E: Articulate and harmonize the indigenous movement

¡Mejor paro aquí! :);)

Muchas gracias,
  • speedier

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    Hi ilaló

    I think you need to know a bit more about the original meaning in order to translate it properly, but I think try A is the most accurate, although, as you say, it is perhaps too literal.

    I must admit that I have only ever come across the word indigenous when applied to a race or species, such as aborogines etc. If the phrase is referring to something other than a native race, then would the word "existing" fit better perhaps?

    To articulate organically the existing movement?

    Just a thought and all the best.


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    Belated thanks, speedier - I appreciate your thoughts on this. I went with A (Organically articulate the indigenous movement). In this case, indigenous refers to the native peoples of Latin America, and in the context I think "indigenous movement" made sense. All the best to you.
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