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My aim in this paper is not, however, to survey Aristotle's mistakes. My aim is rather to articulate a puzzle, a puzzle that is internal to Aristotle's own theory. (The Private Parts of Animals: Aristotle on the Teleology of Sexual Difference by Karen M. NielsenSource)

My question is about what "articulate" means here. It seems to mean "clearly express". But I wonder whether the author means that she is going to solve the puzzle by connecting the theories whose conncetion was ignored, and so using "articulate" in the sense of "to unite by joints" ?
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    That is possible, however I read it as a simple play on words because the piece is about parts of animals. Maybe all three of those allusions were intended.


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    You put together a jigsaw puzzle, but not a puzzle in general. The "joint" sense of 'articulate' doesn't really fit. It seems to mean just "express, clarify". I must admit, the other meaning occurred to me, since 'articulate a puzzle' is a slightly odd phrase even in the primary meaning; and it may well have been in the author's head, in the background, but I don't think it will stand a combined meaning.
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