articulateur logique

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  1. salallyb Senior Member

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    can anyone please tell me what this is in english? the sentence is:
    'entourez les articulateurs logiques dans le texte'
    if anyone has any ideas i'd be really grateful :)
  2. DearPrudence

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    French (lower Normandy)
    Sorry nobody answered you :(
    Maybe something like "connectives", "linking words".
    Here are some examples :)
  3. salallyb Senior Member

    English, England
    No problem, thankyou for answering me :) and thank you for the page it looks very helpful, do u know what the logique bit means.. logical linking words? That bit doesn't seem to make sense
  4. bpipoly

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    For future reference, the directions where refering to what in English we call "logical connectors."

    They are logical since they give the reader the logic or reason why various ideas or events are related.

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