artificial ventilation / mechanical ventilation

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    Mechanical ventilation is a subcategory of artificial respiration (a person blowing into someone's mouth is artificial respiration that is not mechanical ventilation) so I would expect that artificial respiration is used more frequently as it is the more general term for the whole category.


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    Here's my opinion, as a former respiratory therapist who has actually done all of this stuff.

    Note that your link is not to "artificial ventilation," a term with which I am unfamiliar, but to "artificial respiration." 99% of the time (I just made that number up), that term is used for either mouth-to-mouth by a civilian, or rescue breathing with an AMBU bag (Air-Mask-Bag Unit) done by a professional.

    "Mechanical ventilation," most often called just "ventilation" in a hospital (because we don't need to refer to the patient's own breathing as "ventilation" very often), is the one involving a machine that does the breathing for the patient. The term would technically apply to using the bag also, but it's never used for that, in my experience.
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