artificially imposed stasis

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Hi everyone,

I came across the article referring to holiday season in prison.

I realize that my friends and family are moving on with their lives even as I’m in an artificially imposed stasis. I don’t go to my friends’ graduation ceremonies, to their engagement parties, to their weddings, to their baby showers or their children’s birthday parties. I miss everything – and what I’m missing gets more routine and middle-aged with each passing year.

Could you please explain the meaning of the phrase"I’m in an artificially imposed stasis"?
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    Artificially imposed probably means that he has imposed this inactivity, this inertia, on himself, rather than its being imposed on him by an outside force or circumstance, such as being in jail.
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    Context and background would help. Written by somebody called Chelsea Manning, who is in prison in Kansas.


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    Yes, prison is the other way to read it. :) Artificially imposed rather than naturally or personally imposed.

    Chelsea Manning is the former Bradley Manning, who disclosed nearly three-quarters of a million military and diplomatic documents to Wikileaks.

    You can read more on Wikipedia.
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