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Dear Forum Members,

I am trying to find out the name of the artist and subject matter of an old Japanese painting. There are a fair number of characters written on the reverse of the canvas that I would very much like to have translated. Image is below.

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  • SoLaTiDoberman

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    It was written vertically.

    焼岳 is probably the name of a volcano in Japan, Yakedake.

    坂田宝雄 is a name of a man who climbed that volcano maybe.
    一九一二六十一 means, 1912年6月11日 (Jun 11, 1912) , maybe.

    意藤 This is probably wrong. I can't read it. It doesn't make sense either.

    笠本雅之 is another name of a man, maybe.

    I don't have much confidence because the handwritings are very difficult to read.


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    Thank you for your effort.
    Yes, regardless of language or lettering system, it is always difficult to read from the rough surface of canvas.

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