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    Not quite. The word seems to relate to Archbishopric - the "job" the Archbishop holds. The archdiocese is the geographical area over which he presides.
    It would equate to a politician who is elected President. The news-report would read "Maxiogee has been elected to the Presidency of Ireland". Were I in the running I could be appointed by the Pope to the Archbishopric of Dublin


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    1 : the see or province over which an archbishop exercises authority
    2 : the jurisdiction or office of an archbishop

    archdiocese: the diocese of an archbishop

    diocese: the territorial jurisdiction of a bishop

    I know that maxiogee is correct. But honestly, I can't tell the difference.


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    Thanks to both. Could I just say "the offices of the Archbishop" and get away with it? I really don't know if the Archbishop is there at the offices, or if the offices are for the jurisdiction, run by someone else... so I guess if I say offcies of the Arbishopric I'd be covered on both ends. Thanks again.
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