'As a Church we believe our faith calls us to:


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In the book 'children Ministries Handbook'
Author: Department of Children's Ministries, General Conference of SDA

'As a Church we believe our faith calls us to:
1. Uphold the principles of Christ for family relationships in which the self-respect dignity..
2. Provide an atmosphere where children....
3. Become thoroughly informed about sexual abuse and....
4. Help ministers and lay leaders to recognize....'

What is the meaning of 'calls us to'?
1. name someone
2. ask something to someone

I think....number 2. Am I right?

Could you paraphrase that phrase?
Thanks in advance!!
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    In Christianity, there is the concept of getting a "call" from God to do certain things. Members of religious orders, for example, believe they are "called" - essentially, ordered by God - to enter those orders; indeed, we call it their "calling."

    The essence here is that the authors believe that those things are required for the proper practice of their faith. So it's close to your #2.


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    "Because we are Christians ("church" here is used in the Biblical sense of "believers in Christ"), we believe we are required to do the following things:"
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