As a comedian, he began performing on radio and on stage

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  1. i would like to translate the above or something along those lines for example 'He began performing comedy on the radio and the stage' , but i don't think my translation is gramatically correct...

    他开始在电台和舞台上的表演喜剧 or 他开始在电台和舞台上表演

    please help
  2. wkwrd New Member

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    both are grammatically correct
    to me, the latter is better from the context...I'd go with something like this: "做为一个喜剧演员,他开始在电台和舞台上表演"
  3. EmileD

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    They both are gramatically correct.
  4. fan fan New Member

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    i think the first sentence still needs minor correction. '' is actually not necessary.
  5. lixiaohejssz

    lixiaohejssz Senior Member

    I agree. And "喜剧” is repeated, so the latter one is fine.

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