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    How can the sentence "We consider this research as a next step of the previous one." be interpreted? (Suppose readers know what the previous research is.)
    In this case, I think there can be two interpretations. Which one is better?

    1. We have a huge research project. Both of the previous research and the current research are done as some parts of the project.

    2. Someone did the previous research. We added some new elements, conducted experiments and publish a paper as a new research.
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    "We consider this research as a next step of the previous one" is really not good English. We can suppose that the writer meant "We consider this as a next step, following on from the previous research".

    Without further information, we can only guess who did the previous research, or whether the two pieces of research are part of the same project.

    (Note that there is no such thing as "a research", so "the previous one" is wrong.

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